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Very Bad Things



cast e crew

Director:   Peter Berg
Producer:   Michael Schiffer
Diane Nabatoff
Cindy Cowan
Cast:   Christian Slater
Cameron Diaz
Daniel Stern
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Jon Favreau
Leland Orser
Script:   Peter Berg
Camera:   David Hennings
Editing:   Dan Lebental
Music:   Stewart Copeland
Production Design:   Dina Lipton


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produzione & uscita

uscita film CH-D: 12.02.1999
produzione: USA, 1998
durata: 100min.
SUISA: 1002.238
Genre: Commedia, Thriller

distributore film

Elite Film
Badenerstrasse 156
8026 Zürich

distributore dvd

Impuls Home Entertainment
uscita dvd: 28.06.2018



The only thing that Kyle Fisher (Jon Favreau) wants is to marry the woman he loves, Laura Garrety (Cameron Diaz). All Laura wants is the wedding of her dreams. But before Kyle staggers down the aisle with his beautiful, controlling bride, his buddies decide to give their friend one last night of freedom, male bonding and debauchery.

Real estate hustler Boyd (Christian Slater); the battling Berkow Brothers, Adam (Daniel Stern) and Michael (Jeremy Piven); and introvert, mechanic Moore (Leland Orser) throw a Las Vegas bachelor party for Kyle that is a smashing success, with plenty of booze and drugs -- and even a visit from a lithe young stripper.- But accidents will happen. When Michael has a fling in the bathroom with the stripper, coitus interruptus turns into habeas corpus.

They can call the police. Or, as Boyd suggests, they can dispose of the '105 pound problem' in the desert, then return home and dedicate themselves to leading respectable lives. Not even Adam's keen-eyed wife Lois (Jeanne Tripplehorn) will be able to figure out what happened.

Thus begins a darkly comic homicidal trail, dropped like lethal bread crumbs, by writer-director Peter Berg in his audacious, sure-handed motion picture debut.

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Kino bambi 14
14:20 D/d/f
14/12 J
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varianti titolo:
Very bad things
Trama: © 2021 Elite Film
Immagini: © 2021 Elite Film

informazioni DVD

Sprachen:  English (DTS-HD High-Res Audio)
German (DTS-HD High-Res Audio)
Chapters:  10
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Categorie d’età

Bambini e minorenni possono guardare film appartenenti a una categoria di età fino a due anni superiore a quella consentita, a condizione che durante la visione al cinema sia presente un genitore o un adulto che ne faccia le veci.


14/12 anni
Limite d’eta: 14 anni
A condizione che durante la visione al cinema sia presente un genitore on un adulto che ne faccia le veci : 12 anni