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Mission: Impossible 2



cast e crew

Director:   John Woo
Producer:   Tom Cruise
Paula Wagner
Cast:   Tom Cruise
Dougray Scott
Thandie Newton
Ving Rhames
Richard Roxburgh
John Polson
Brendan Gleeson
Script:   Robert Towne
Camera:   Jeffrey L. Kimball
Editing:   Christian Wagner
Sound:   Mark P. Stoeckinger
Music:   Hans Zimmer
Production Design:   Tom Sanders
Costume Design:   Lizzy Gardiner



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produzione & uscita

uscita film CH-D: 06.07.2000
uscita film CH-F: 19.07.2000
uscita film CH-I: 07.07.2000
produzione: USA / Germany, 2000
durata: 123min.
SUISA: 1002.515
Genre: Azione, Thriller

distributore film

Universal Pictures International Switzerland
Mühlebachstrasse 54
8032 Zürich


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Tom Cruise and John Woo, two of the most compelling figures in the world of film, have teamed up for 'M:I-2,' a romantic action thriller that plunges special agent Ethan Hunt into an international crisis of terrifying magnitude. With computer genius Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) at his side and a beautiful thief (Thandie Newton) on his mind, Hunt races across Australia and Spain on what seems like an impossible mission - to stop a villain gone bad before he can fulfill his own destructive mission.

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varianti titolo:
Mission Impossible 2
Trama: © 2021 Universal Pictures International Switzerland
Immagini: © 2021 Universal Pictures International Switzerland

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