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Poster: The Secret Life of Pets 2 Poster: Mia and the White Lion Poster: The King of Thieves
Poster: Le grand bain Poster: Boy Erased Poster: Premières vacances


Poster: Metropolitan Opera: La Traviata Poster: Amici come prima Poster: Ben is Back
Poster: Bumblebee Poster: Le grand bain Poster: Mary Poppins Returns
Poster: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Poster: Bolschoi Theater: Nutcracker Poster: Aquaman
Poster: Juzni vetar Poster: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Poster: La befana vien di notte
Poster: Welcome to Marwen Poster: Zimna wojna Poster: Metropolitan Opera: Adriana Lecouvreur
Poster: Glass Poster: Jazz, the only Way of Life Poster: Mary, Queen of Scots
Poster: Mia and the White Lion Poster: Bolschoi Theater: La Bayadere Poster: Royal Opera House: The Queen of Spades
Poster: Creed II Poster: Peppermint Poster: The Favourite
Poster: Schindler's List (25 Years) Poster: Royal Opera House: La Traviata Poster: Green Book
Poster: How to Train Your Dragon 3 Poster: Where are you, Joao Gilberto? Poster: Metropolitan Opera: Carmen
Poster: Boy Erased Poster: The Mule Poster: Wonderful Losers


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15.12.2018: Metropolitan Opera: La Traviata
20.12.2018: Amici come prima
20.12.2018: Ben is Back
20.12.2018: Bumblebee
20.12.2018: Le grand bain
20.12.2018: Mary Poppins Returns
20.12.2018: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
23.12.2018: Bolschoi Theater: Nutcracker

01.01.2019: Aquaman
01.01.2019: Juzni vetar
01.01.2019: Wreck-It Ralph 2
03.01.2019: La befana vien di notte
10.01.2019: Welcome to Marwen
10.01.2019: Zimna wojna
12.01.2019: Metropolitan Opera: Adriana Lecouvreur
17.01.2019: Glass
17.01.2019: Jazz, the only Way of Life
17.01.2019: Mary, Queen of Scots
17.01.2019: Mia and the White Lion
17.01.2019: Vice
20.01.2019: Bolschoi Theater: La Bayadere
22.01.2019: Royal Opera House: The Queen of Spades
24.01.2019: Creed II
24.01.2019: Peppermint
24.01.2019: The Favourite
27.01.2019: Schindler's List (25 Years)
30.01.2019: Royal Opera House: La Traviata
31.01.2019: Green Book
31.01.2019: How to Train Your Dragon 3
31.01.2019: Where are you, Joao Gilberto?

02.02.2019: Metropolitan Opera: Carmen
07.02.2019: Boy Erased
07.02.2019: The Mule
07.02.2019: Wonderful Losers
14.02.2019: Alita: Battle Angel
19.02.2019: Royal Opera House: Don Quixote
21.02.2019: Il cratere
21.02.2019: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
28.02.2019: Happy Death Day 2U

02.03.2019: Metropolitan Opera: La fille du régiment
06.03.2019: Captain Marvel
07.03.2019: Book Club
07.03.2019: The Death and Life of John F. Donovan
10.03.2019: Bolschoi Theater: Dornröschen
14.03.2019: A Dog's Way Home
21.03.2019: Greyhound
28.03.2019: Dumbo
28.03.2019: The Aftermath
28.03.2019: Us
30.03.2019: Metropolitan Opera: Walkyre

02.04.2019: Royal Opera House: La forza del destino
04.04.2019: Il mangiatore di pietre
04.04.2019: The Kid Who Would Be King
07.04.2019: Bolschoi Theater: Das goldene Zeitalter
11.04.2019: Shazam!
11.04.2019: Wonder Park
18.04.2019: The Curse of La Llorona
19.04.2019: Playmobil: The Missing Piece
24.04.2019: Avengers: Endgame
25.04.2019: Missing Link
30.04.2019: Royal Opera House: Faust

09.05.2019: Pet Sematary
09.05.2019: Pokémon: Detective Pikachu
11.05.2019: Metropolitan Opera: Dialogue des Carmelites
16.05.2019: John Wick: Chapter 3
16.05.2019: Royal Opera House: Golden Hour / Cherkaoui / Flight Pattern
19.05.2019: Bolschoi Theater: Carmen Suite / Petrushka
22.05.2019: Aladdin
23.05.2019: Ad Astra
30.05.2019: Godzilla: King of the Monsters
30.05.2019: Rocketman

06.06.2019: The Secret Life of Pets 2
06.06.2019: X-Men: Dark Phoenix
11.06.2019: Royal Opera House: Romeo and Juliet
13.06.2019: Men in Black International
27.06.2019: Toy Story 4

04.07.2019: Little
04.07.2019: Spider-Man: Far from Home
11.07.2019: Stuber

08.08.2019: The Sun Is also a Star
15.08.2019: The New Mutants
21.08.2019: The Lion King
29.08.2019: Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

05.09.2019: It: Chapter 2
12.09.2019: The Angry Birds Movie 2
19.09.2019: Artemis Fowl

03.10.2019: Abominable
03.10.2019: Gemini Man
03.10.2019: Joker
04.10.2019: The Woman in the Window
10.10.2019: Spies in Disguise
10.10.2019: The Hunt
17.10.2019: The Goldfinch
24.10.2019: Dora the Explorer
24.10.2019: Downton Abbey
31.10.2019: Charlie's Angels

07.11.2019: Good Boys
07.11.2019: Kingsman 3
14.11.2019: Zombieland 2
21.11.2019: Last Christmas

12.12.2019: Frozen 2
18.12.2019: Star Wars: Episode IX
25.12.2019: The Call of the Wild

01.01.2020: Jumanji Sequel
23.01.2020: Sonic The Hedgehog
30.01.2020: The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle

13.02.2020: James Bond: 25
13.02.2020: Nimona
23.02.2020: Sherlock Holmes 3

05.03.2020: Cats
12.03.2020: Gambit
26.03.2020: G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant
26.03.2020: Mulan
26.03.2020: Trolls World Tour

09.04.2020: Fast & Furious 9
16.04.2020: Queen and Slim

07.05.2020: Barbie
14.05.2020: A Quiet Place 2
21.05.2020: Godzilla vs. Kong
27.05.2020: Maleficent 2

04.06.2020: Wonder Woman 1984

16.07.2020: Bob's Burgers
16.07.2020: Top Gun: Maverick

12.08.2020: Jungle Cruise
27.08.2020: Minions 2

17.09.2020: The SpongeBob Movie: It's a wonderful Sponge

01.10.2020: Death on the Nile
16.10.2020: The Croods 2

05.11.2020: Ron's Gone Wrong
12.11.2020: Red Notice

17.12.2020: Avatar 2
23.12.2020: Sing 2

04.03.2021: Foster
25.03.2021: The Boss Baby 2

01.04.2021: Fast & Furious 10

10.06.2021: Jurassic World 3

14.10.2021: Russi
14.10.2021: Spooky Jack

16.12.2021: Avatar 3

19.12.2024: Avatar 4

18.12.2025: Avatar 5

prossimamente: Entourage
prossimamente: Get Hard
prossimamente: The Diary of a Teenage Girl
prossimamente: The End of the Tour

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Categorie d’età

Bambini e minorenni possono guardare film appartenenti a una categoria di età fino a due anni superiore a quella consentita, a condizione che durante la visione al cinema sia presente un genitore o un adulto che ne faccia le veci.


14/12 anni
Limite d’eta: 14 anni
A condizione che durante la visione al cinema sia presente un genitore on un adulto che ne faccia le veci : 12 anni

Categorie d’età per Zurigo

a partire da 16 anni
<J/12> <J/14>
ammesso a partire da 12 anni, consigliato dalla Commissione Cinema del cantone di Zurigo a partire da 12 anni risp. 14 anni; per le proiezioni dopo le 21h l’accompagnamento di un adulto è obbligatorio.
<K/6> <K/8> <K/10>
ammesso a partire da 6 anni, consigliato dalla Commissione Cinema del cantone di Zurigo a partire da 6 anni, 8 anni risp. 10 anni; la commissione consiglia l’accompagnamento di un adulto.
ammesso a partire da 4 anni; i minori di 6 anni devono essere accompagnati da un adulto.
Solamente le persone maggiorenni (18 anni) possono assistere alle proiezioni che terminano dopo le 24h.