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Runaway Bride

Catch Her If You Can


Cast & Crew

Director:   Garry Marshall
Producer:   Ted Field
Tom Rosenberg
Scott Kroopf
Robert Cort
Cast:   Julia Roberts
Richard Gere
Joan Cusack
Hector Elizondo
Rita Wilson
Paul Dooley
Script:   Josann McGibbon
Sara Parriott
Camera:   Stuart Dryburgh
Editing:   Bruce Green
Music:   James Newton Howard
Production Design:   Mark Friedberg




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produktion & release

Release CH-D: 23.09.1999
Release CH-F: 08.12.1999
Produktion: USA, 1999
Duration: 116min.
SUISA: 1002.520
Genre: Komödie, Romanze
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Walt Disney Company
Höschgasse 45
8008 Zürich



Ike Graham (Richard Gere) is a New York newspaper columnist with a problem - his deadline is an hour away, his ex-wife is his boss and his writer's block is working overtime. Retreating to his favorite watering hole to 'brainstorm,' Ike hears about a young woman in rural Maryland named Maggie (Julia Roberts) who, apparently, loves being engaged, but who has very cold feet about getting married. Intrigued, Ike composes a column about Maggie, beginning a chain of events which leads him to Hale, Maryland, her hometown.

Maggie Carpenter also has a problem - Ike Graham. Furious with the column and its author, she plans to even the score with him. Ike eventually discovers there is much more to Maggie than just a problem with commitment; and he ends up with the story of a lifetime.

Director Garry Marshall became involved with 'Runaway Bride' when he was contacted via a conference call from Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, his two co-stars from the 1990 box-office smash 'Pretty Woman.' They had been interested in reuniting on a film for years, and felt they had finally found the ideal project.

Julia Roberts remembers first reading the 'Runaway Bride' script. 'When it was first sent to me with the note that this is something Richard liked, that in and of itself, was intriguing enough for me to stay up late on a school night and read it. I thought it was charming and very funny.'

'We had such a great experience with Garry on 'Pretty Woman,' so the first phone call we made when Julia and I decided to make the movie was to Garry,' recalls Richard Gere. 'We knew we would be in very trustworthy hands with him.'

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Runaway Bride
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